How to Wear Indian Fashion as a White Man?

Similarly, What do men wear in Indian culture?

the attire of the time. The Achkan/Sherwani, Bandhgala, Lungi, Kurta, Angarkha, Jama, Shalwar Kameez, and Dhoti or Kurta Pajama are among the traditional attire for males. The Indian government has also lately approved the wearing of western apparel, including shirts and trousers, in place of traditional Indian attire.

Also, it is asked, How can I look stylish in Indian clothes?

10 easy techniques to make ethnic clothing appear costly Make a sensible fabric selection. The foundation of the whole ensemble is a high-quality cloth. Regarding color and print, be precise. Stack ’em up. Swap Palazzo for Churidar. Pair ethnic skirts with crop shirts. Cut as high as you can. Make a declaration. Your face is nude.

Secondly, Is white OK for Indian wedding?

Black and white are inappropriate colors to wear to an Indian wedding, just as you wouldn’t wear white to a Western wedding. Since these colors are often used while attending funerals, they may be seen as disrespectful. Additionally, because the bride traditionally dons red, it’s courteous to refrain from wearing red.

Also, What is mens Indian shirt called?

This is the traditional attire for males in the north of India, but it is now fashionable all around the globe. It consists of a loose pair of trousers called the pyjama and a long tunic called the kurta.

People also ask, What is Kalidar?

The kalidar kurta is constructed from several geometrical elements. Front and back each have two rectangular centre panels. Both men and women may wear the kali kurta. Panjabi is the name for the typical straight-cut kurta in Bangladesh, West Bengal, and Assam.

Related Questions and Answers

What is the male version of a sari?

A male equivalent of the sari is the dhoti. Due to the temperature, men in India don’t often cover their upper parts. Since the dhoti just needs to cover a man from the waist down, it is substantially smaller than the sari. Kurtas and pajamas are other typical men’s clothing items.

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Can white people wear saris to weddings?

Additionally, wearing an Indian dress like a sari, salwar kameez, or lehenga is quite fine. Actually, before the wedding, the bride’s cousin and close friend emailed me and a few other females to see if we wanted to borrow them.

How can I look smart in kurta?

Every Short Woman Should Know These 7 Smart Kurti Styling Tips Put on thinner palazzo pants with your kurta. Keep the color family of your kurti and bottoms the same. Put on a slightly flared skirt with your kurti. Put on slim slacks with your kurta. Don’t be afraid to wear heels. To define your kurti’s waist, try wearing a thin belt.

How do classy Indians dress?

The first and most important rule is to dress for your body type. Avoid dressing in clothing that is either too tight or too loose for your physique. Choose outfits that flatter your figure; don’t always follow fashion trends blindly. Wearing appropriate undergarments is necessary to make you appear beautiful.

Who pays for an Indian wedding?

Who covers an Indian wedding’s costs? The couple and their parents shared the money equally, 50/50. Occasionally however, fees are altered if one side demands more attendees or greater fanfare.

Why can’t Indian brides wear white?

Wedding Lehenga In contrast to western wedding customs, brides refrain from wearing white since it is a sign of sadness. Instead, they choose a vibrant sari that honors their place of origin. Shades of red are often well-liked since they stand for the wedded couple’s pleasure and luck.

Can you wear a kurta to a wedding?

The general practice is to avoid wearing formal or casual clothing while attending a traditional Indian wedding ceremony as a guest. Traditional Indian weddings are grand celebrations, so guests should dress appropriately. Wearing plain cotton suits and kurtas is thus not an option.

Can I wear jeans with kurta?

This pairing of a long kurti and jeans combines grace and toughness to provide a stylish appearance appropriate for contemporary Indian ladies. Choose a long kurta style with elaborate details, a high neck, an A-line shape, and complementary accessories.

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What should I wear under a kurta?

The Proper Shoes for a Kurta Pajama? Now, look at these options! Such stylish loafers. Snapsoul. This gorgeous pair of brown juttis. Snapsoul. these cozy sandals made of leather. Snapsoul. These large, dark boots. These customary Chappals from Kolhapur. same shoes in light blue. Off-White juttis with style. These understated brown slip-ons.

Are you aware that the saree is ranked as the sixth greatest traditional clothing item in the world? Our traditional Indian clothing, including the saree, salwar kameez, kurta pyjamas, and other clothes, is well-known around the globe.

What is an Indian suit called?

The Salwar Kameez The outfit consists of a kameez and a salwar (long shirt or tunic). This fashion is referred to as the “Punjabi suit” or “shalwar” in the southern region of India. Teenagers and Bollywood stars alike often wear the salwar kameez.

What are Indian pants called?

Churidar And Salwar Kameez The clothing comprises of salwars, which resemble pajamas and are fitted at the ankles and waist. Over the salwar, a long, loose-fitting garment is worn called a kameez. A churidar, which is more fitted around the waist, hips, and ankles, may be worn in lieu of the salwar.

How should a kurta fit?

2 inches should separate the kurta from the knee. The sleeves shouldn’t be too long or too short; the wrist should be just touched or just below the elbow. Wear mulmul, cotton, and silk-cotton in the summer and silks in the winter. Men should not wear transparent kurtas.

What is the Hindi name of kurta?

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Can men wear kurta to office?

Kurta pajamas are a traditional outfit, and we should dress and conduct ourselves properly at work. By the same reasoning, sarees and salwar kameez are likewise considered traditional attire and are inappropriate for the workplace.

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Can you wear a bindi if you’re not Indian?

Many Southeast Asian kingdoms that had undergone Indianization in the past wore it. Even non-Hindu brides and grooms in Java and other regions of Indonesia are adorned with bindis.

Is it cultural appropriation to wear an Indian outfit to an Indian wedding?

You see, participating in cultural appropriation at Indian weddings is not an issue. Looking and feeling your best is key to Indian wedding style! Therefore, traditional attire is normally preferred, but if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it, you may easily remove it.

Is it OK to dress as an Indian?

It is never proper to dress in Native American attire. For various holidays and educational events, kids “dress up” as Native Americans on certain days in schools around the nation. Frequently, the clothing used to give off a “Indian” appearance has nothing to do with Native people or customs.

Can I wear a sari to a western wedding?

However, visitors may wear pretty much every other color of the rainbow without any issues. Particularly if the wedding will be Sikh or Hindu, both men and women should bring something to cover their heads throughout the ceremony. Saree-clad women may utilize their drape material or a scarf that they are wearing.

How can I make my face look rich?

Use a light cleanser to wash your face twice daily, moisturize afterward, and exfoliate once every two to three weeks according to your skin type. You keep your skin moisturized and shining, be sure to drink enough of water each day.


The “what to wear to an indian wedding as a white person” is a question that many people have. The answer is simple: Wear Indian fashion!

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