What Are Fashion Challengers in Pokemon Go?

Fashion Challengers are unique foes in Pokémon Go that will only debut during Fashion Week in September 2021. To fulfill different objectives in the Fashion Week research mission, you’ll need to combat Fashion Challengers a few times, so have your Pokémon ready.

Similarly, How do you battle a fashion challenger in Pokemon GO?

Anomalies in remote PokéStops will seem somewhat different than regular ones, so players who don’t have nearby PokéStops may attempt to find them. If you come across a PokéStop that isn’t like the others, you’ll have a good chance of encountering a Fashion Challenger.

Also, it is asked, How do I find a fashion challenger?

Fashion Challengers may be found at PokeStops, much like Team GO Rocket members and GO Tour Challengers. These won’t appear at every PokeStop all of a sudden, but will appear outside of the PokeStop like the other sorts of NPC trainers in the game.


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